Gutter Installation

Any home improvement project is an investment and installing rain gutters is no exception. Gutter installation is a great step toward being a proactive home or business owner by preventing costly issues before they happen. Why is this important? Read on.

A close up of the gutter on top of a roof

Prevent Decay

Your home or business may be lined with materials that are not completely waterproof, like plywood and tar paper. With time, these materials could shift and cause gaps, potentially leading to water sneaking under them. As this water leaks in, the siding and roof could eventually begin to rot. They can also crack or break down over time, meaning that your house or business is slowly falling apart.

A close up of the roof of a house

Deter Insects

Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to damp areas and sources of standing water because it’s a great environment for breeding. Without gutters sending water away from your home, you could end up accidentally inviting bugs to surround your house or business, which can be very frustrating and annoying for residents or clients. By installing rain gutters, you reduce the risk of standing water and help your home or business stay reasonably pest-free.

A gutter filled with leaves and debris on the roof.

Protect Against Mold

If your home or office’s exterior gathers too much moisture, it can provide a great environment for mold to grow. When water leaks inside the walls, drywall acts as a food source for the mold. Mold is difficult to remove and very damaging to your home or business if it isn’t treated correctly. Rain gutters reduce the amount of water seeping into your home and lower the chance of mold setting in.

A garden with pink flowers and green grass.

Protect Your Yard

When a lot of water lands on your roof, it’s likely to run off into your yard, damaging your landscaping. Large amounts of water can also erode soil, which can lead to the weakening of your home’s foundation. Rain gutters are able to control the amount of water let off into your yard by redirecting that water and forcing it to pass away from your landscaping, which is best for your home, grass, and plants.

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